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  1. Thank you V21 for clarification over who is invited to join your critical party. I applaud Martin Hewitt’s spirited intervention. Martin has played a huge role in developing Victorian Studies as a broad, diverse and inclusive community. We belong to many constituencies and it’s fine for scholars in our constitutive disciplines to interrogate and debate issues particular to their core discipline. But if we are committed to inter- and cross-disciplinary exchange it’s important we communicate in ways we all understand when we choose to address Victorian Studies as a field. Sure the Manifesto is meant to be provocative but, to this outsider, it reads like an ‘in-group’ conversation where everyone knows who is under attack and enjoys piling in against a reputed ‘enemy’ without making the charge public or giving the target a chance to answer. So, as a start, I would like to invite V21 to explain to Victorianists of all varieties what ‘positive historicism’ is and how it is ‘eviscerating humanistic ways of knowing’?

    Helen Rogers

    • Gary Dallmann Posted on Ron,I agree with you on both counts.We all befenit when we acknowledge and appreciate the valuable work of historical-literary scholars such as represented by this helpful article.Thanks to the original sources and nhne for sharing their research.Gary

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