Seattle 2019

This year’s installment of the PNW V21 Collective summer reading group is drawing near, so we want to update you with details and start getting a headcount so we can plan for snacks.
This year, we will be hosting discussions in Portland and Seattle so more people can join in. We will have separate discussions at each seminar, but will also link up digitally to share ideas. 
Details are below. If you are interested in attending, please email Megan or myself to RSVP. We will also share a link to PDFs of the readings when you do so. If you’re particularly interested in a given reading and would like to come up with a few guiding questions, let us know when you RSVP, too. No stress: this will just be to get the discussion going.Let us know if you have questions. Looking forward to seeing you soon!  

When: Mon, 9/9 (1-4 [approx.]) & Tues, 9/10 (9-12 [approx.])

Readings: “Equality” (Mon.) and “The Planet” (Tues.) clusters from V21 shared syllabus, featuring Matthew Arnold, MP Shiel, and recent critical interventions. See here for details.Contacts: for Portland, Megan Ward (; for Seattle, Matt Poland (

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