Seattle/ PNW 2017

All sessions will take place at Seattle University, Casey 500.

**Please RSVP to Molly Clark Hillard (**

As with all 18/19 reading groups, feel free to read as much or as little as you can, but do join us! And of course please forward this to anyone who might be interested. We do also have a Facebook event set up.

Here is the “syllabus”:

Mon 9/11/17: “The Political Conscious” (11am-1pm; 3-5pm)
* Elizabeth Gaskell, North and South (Chapters 21-24)
* Raymond Williams, Marxism and Literature (Parts 2 and 3)
* Alex Woloch, Or Orwell (Prologue and Intro)

Tues 9/12/17: “Imperial Forms” (9am-11pm; 1-3pm)
* Toru Dutt, “Baumgaree,” “The Lotus,” “Our Casuarina Tree” (alongside Cowper and Wordsworth)
* Edward Said, Culture and Imperialism (Chapter 1, Parts 1 and 5; Chapter 2, Part 3)
* Nathan Hensley, Forms of Empire (Intro)

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